Entropik Tech’s Emotion AI Platform Enables Tata Sampann’s New Visual Identity Through AI-Powered Consumer Insights

  • 13 Jul, 2021

  • 2 min.

13 Jul, 2021

2 min.

Entropik Tech’s Emotion AI Platform Enables Tata Sampann’s New Visual Identity Through AI-Powered Consumer Insights
Entropik Tech’s Emotion AI platform delivers ‘true’ customer feedback for Tata Sampann’s new packaging and visual identity.

Entropik Tech, India’s first Emotion Analytics company, enabled the transformation of Tata Sampann’s visual identity through cutting-edge insights on subconscious consumer behavior. As part of its strategy to recast its brand identity, Tata Sampann engaged Entropik Tech’s emotion analytics capabilities, in a departure from using traditional surveys and group discussions.
Entropik Tech deployed its emotion AI tech – Affect Lab – to gauge the subconscious feelings of consumers about Tata’s packaging design. Through eye tracking, brainwave mapping, and virtual reality-based tests, Entropik Tech was able to get unbiased insights about the consumer’s actual feelings on Tata’s packaging design and the elements that delivered the most impact.
As part of the sentiment analysis exercise, Entropik Tech delivered insightful recommendations on the packaging elements subconsciously preferred by consumers. Thus, Tata Sampann was able to design the right product packaging for capturing their consumers’ attention, ultimately improving purchase intent.
Richa Arora, president, packaged foods, India, Tata Consumer Products, said, “The thought was to use the technique and understand elements that capture attention, high points of emotional engagement and trigger memory retention to create packaging for the brand to make it stand out from the rest. Entropik Tech’s research covered a gamut of information — such as the consumer’s eye travel across the pack, the areas that occupied maximum attention, the parts which are missed by one’s eye gaze and also, overall, which packs captured more attention on shelf. We were thus able to arrive at a clutter-breaking appeal in its final packaging and visual identity.
Affect Lab, an AI-driven consumer insights solution by Entropik Tech, measures emotion and behavior patterns during a customers’ buying journey. It combines multi-modal emotion recognition technologies like facial coding, eye tracking, and artificial intelligence to capture subtle cognitive and behavioral buying patterns that allow brands to deliver excellent customer value, and transform the customer experience.
Read the complete article in The Hindu Business Line to find out how EntropikTech’s Emotion AI solution – Affect Lab – enabled Tata Sampann to capture and analyze the cognitive, and behavioral insights helping them understand subconscious consumer thoughts.

About Entropik Tech
Entropik is the world’s leading Emotion AI Platform enabling brands to measure subconscious customer behavior and create exceptional product experiences. Over 80+ enterprise customers across BFSI, CPG, Media, Entertainment, and Telecom rely on Entropik for actionable consumer insights. Entropik has 17 global patent claims pending in the arena of Multi-Modal Emotion Recognition. Headquartered in India, it has business presence across North America, EU, Middle East, and SE Asia.

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