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Nothing Official About It: Winning the OTT War with Viewers’ Emotions | Infographic

  • 02 Nov, 2021

  • 2 min.

02 Nov, 2021

2 min.

Nothing Official About It: Winning the OTT War with Viewers’ Emotions | Infographic

Here’s a fact! While various industries witnessed ups and downs in 2021, the Over the Top (OTT) industry picked up the pace. This enormous shift to OTT players and VOD giants can be attributed to the constantly evolving consumer behavior and emotional preferences.

Today, when streaming networks and OTT platforms grab additional eyeballs every day, brands must gauge audience liking and derive insights for delivering overall superlative customer experiences. With expectations from subscribers changing drastically, untapped viewers’ emotions and cognitive data holds the key to delivering emotionally resonating content and maintaining maximum viewership.

However, OTT brands face challenges aplenty in gaining subscribers and retaining viewers.

  • Content Discovery

Statistics from a Livestream study reveal that OTT users tend to give up on a platform if it takes them more than 90 seconds to find a TV series, movie, or any other piece of content. Hence, it becomes imperative that OTT players enhance their content discovery functionality.

  • Quality Content Creation

Gone are the days when viewers hounded one platform to watch good content. Today, when there’s no dearth of gripping content and OTT providers are witnessing a sudden surge in viewership, it’s crucial to sustain customer loyalty.

  • Viewer Retention

With numerous OTT players jostling for space, retaining viewer base is a massive challenge. Besides, delivering binge-worthy, attention-grabbing content, decoding viewers’ browsing patterns and behavioral preferences are crucial to reduce drop-offs and churn rates.

And that’s where Emotion AI can help augment viewers’ experience on an OTT platform. Here’s how.

With Entropik’s Emotion AI-led consumer insights platform, brands can test content, scripts, episodes, promos, trailers, teasers, etc., against the metrics of attention, engagement, and emotional appeal and deduce the overall impact on the target audience. This way, OTT providers can derive actionable insights into audiences’ subconscious to tailor their content accordingly.

Moreover, brands can optimize media planning budgets and record 63% savings in customer acquisition costs by determining potential viewers and channels that capture the highest engagement and attention.

Entropik’s scalable Emotion AI solution enables OTT providers to test creative efficacy of their content and boost it by 400% by decoding viewers’ responses in real-time as they consume the content. How? With proprietary emotion recognition technologies like facial coding and eye-tracking.

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