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EEG Brainwave Mapping Made Easy and Scalable

Our bluetooth based EEG headsets make it easy and scalable to capture brain's electronmagnetic activity. Just connect the headset with our app, experience the sensorial stimulus and capture how human brain responds.

Electro-encephalogram (EEG)
Electro-encephalogram (EEG)

Leverage Electroencephalography (EEG) in the most scalable way possible to record neural responses and read human brains in real-time.

Sensory Analysis
Sensory Analysis

Be it touch, smell, taste, sound or vision, measure neural and emotional responses to all kinds of sensorial stimulus with ease.

Bluetooth Based EEG Headsets
Bluetooth Based EEG Headsets

Connect the EEG headsets with our app using Bluetooth and capture neural brainwave data in real-time to take decisions faster.

Brainwave mapping Milestones

45,000 +

media, digital and shopper experiences tested

17 +

global patent claims on Emotion AI

2 nd largest

global emotional benchmark repository

Advantages of Entropik Tech's Brainwave Mapping

Deeper Human Insights

Get real feedback on sensorial stimulation rather than relying on biased surveys and focus group discussions. Visualize and quantify how human brain perceives sensorial experiences with great accuracy and faster TAT.

Deeper Human Insights
Accessible and Scalable

Accessible and Scalable

Our EEG headsets based approach makes Brainwave Mapping really accessible and scalable for brands and agencies. You don't have to arrange a lab visit for your panel and incur the logistical overhead that comes with it.

Portable and Non-Intrusive

The Bluetooth enabled EEG heasets we used for Brainwave Mapping are wireless, portable and totally non-intrusive. They are easy to setup, seamless to connect and very easy to use for the tester in a controlled environment.

Portable and Non-Intrusive

How does it work?

Here's how simple and easy it is to leverage our EEG based Brainwave Mapping to understand how human brain responds to sensory stimuli.


Connect Headset

Turn on the EEG hedset and connect it with our app using Bluetooth and ensure that the data flow is happening.


Experience Stimuli

If you are testing soda flavor for example, just allow the tester to drink the soda while keeping the headset turned on.


Capture Data

Allow real-time brainwave data to flow from the headset to the app as quantified data, while the stimulus is experienced.


Combine With

To extract deeper human insights, combine EEG with Facial Coding, Eye Tracking and Voice AI technologies.

How can you use it?

Here's how you can use Brainwave Mapping with Entropik Tech's ancillary products Affect Lab, Affect UX and Affect API to capture deep human responses.

Cloud-based Consumer Insights Platform

Ad Insights | In-store Shopper Insights | Online Shopper Insights | Content Insights | Concept Insights

Cloud-based Consumer Insights Platform

Concept Validation | Wireframe Testing | Usability Testing | Consumer Journey Testing | Path to Purchase

Cloud-based Consumer Insights Platform

Webcam Based Eye Tracking | Smartphone Camera Based Eye Tracking

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