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Global Bank uses Emotion AI on chatbot to nurture CX

  • 09 Sep, 2021

  • 1 min.

Global Bank uses Emotion AI on chatbot to nurture CX

    Chatbots have taken the digital customer service space by storm. A study claims that by 2022, banks will automate up to 90% of customer interaction via Chatbots. Having said that, the digital banking system is still struggling to perform seamless customer engagement using Chatbot.  

    A Fortune Global 500 company was looking for a solution to optimize the UX/UI performance of a Chatbot for their banking client. Entropik Tech’s emotion AI solution – Affect UX, was deployed to deliver a seamless Chatbot experience for the bank.  

    According to Chatbot Magazine, businesses can reduce customer service costs by up to 30% by deploying an efficient chatbot interface. However, one of the key challenges businesses are facing with Chatbot is that it lacks emotional intelligence, and it is inefficient to any make human-like customer interactions.  

    Entropik’s emotional AI solution empowered the banking Chatbot with improved UX / UI and actionable emotion insights, and thus, making every customer conversation via Chabot more contextual and humane in nature.  

    Affect UX conducted a comparative analysis, measured customer engagement, and generated competitive benchmarking on the banking chatbot. Thus, it helped the bank to enhance UX/UI and optimize chatbot conversation, leading to excellent customer engagement and experience. 

    Key Highlights  

    • Identified the Inefficiencies in chatbot conversational flow  
    • Provided Actionable Insights to Increase Customer Engagement 
    • Maximized Chatbot Optimization in a Beta stage by 21% 

    Entropik’s Affect UX equips digital-first brands to analyze and optimize customer engagement across all digital platforms, including Chatbots. 

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