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Eye Tracking Made Easy and Scalable

Our camera-based eye tracking makes it easy and scalable to capture eye movements and fixation without the need for any additional hardware. Just turn on your camera, calibrate and capture eye gaze data remotely.

Camera Based Capture
Camera Based Capture

Unlike infrared based hardware eye trackers, we use computer vision algorithms to capture eye tracking data in natural environments.

Explicit Callibration
Explicit Callibration

To ensure maximum accuracy in natural settings, calibration is done before every capture with minimum instructions and no moderation.

Emotion Measurement
Emotion Measurement

To capture deeper human behavior and emotions, Eye Tracking can be combined with Facial Coding, Voice AI and Brainwave Mapping.

Eye Tracking Milestones

16 million+

gaze map data collected

17 +

global patent claims on Emotion AI

7.8 million+

mins of benchmark data collected

Advantages of Entropik Tech's Eye Tracking

Accessible and Scalable

In camera-based eye tracking, all you need is a webcam or smartphone camera to capture eye movements as quantified data. We are thus eliminating hardware requirements and enabling the scalable adoption of Eye Tracking.

Accessible and Scalable
Faster Turnaround Time

Faster Turnaround Time

The capture of eye gaze data takes place completely online and in real-time. In addition, zero hardware involvement eliminates the time and resources involved in the logistics otherwise, thus increasing the turnaround time marginally.

High Level Accuracy

We have achieved more than 90% accuracy in capturing eye movements and fixation data in natural settings by just using commercial grade webcams and smartphone cameras. No more eye trackers or lab equipments.

High Level Accuracy

How does it work?

Here's how simple and easy it is to leverage our camera based eye tracking technology to capture eye gaze data, with no additional hardware or technical expertise.


Turn On Camera

Give necessary permissions to use your webcam or smartphone camera to capture your eye movements.



Follow the given instructions and fixate on the black dot as it moves across the screen to perform calibration.


Capture Data

Allow your eye gaze movements to be captured during the pre-defined task. No PII is captured at this point.


Combine With

To extract subconcious and emotional insights, combine Facial Coding, Voice AI and Brainwave Mapping tech.

How can you use it?

Here's how you can use Eye Tracking with Entropik Tech's ancillary products Affect Lab, Affect UX and Affect API to understand human emotions at scale.

Cloud-based Consumer Insights Platform

Ad Insights | In-store Shopper Insights | Online Shopper Insights | Content Insights | Concept Insights

Cloud-based Consumer Insights Platform

Concept Validation | Wireframe Testing | Usability Testing | Online Path to Purchase

Cloud-based Consumer Insights Platform

Single Facial Coding API | Multi Facial Coding API | Eye Tracking API | Voice API

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