In-store Shopper Insights

Increase In-store Sales with Emotion AI

There hasn’t been a more competitive time for retail. Surviving online competition demands focused innovation. Choose Emotion AI-driven shopper testing to lift sales and transform in-store shopper experiences.

On an average, your customers have 12 choices for the same product. And they make 95% of their purchase decisions subconsciously. We help you understand their likes and dislikes.

How Emotion AI
Boosts In-Store Sales

  • Testing packaging to lift noticeability and pick-up rate

  • Testing shelf layout and placement to lift in-store sales

  • Testing store layouts and PoSM to elevate the shopping experience

  • Simulated online retail store environment

Deliver In-store Experiences that Convert


reduction in Research TAT


lift in Package Pick-up Rate


lift in In-store Conversions

Entropik’s Affect Lab for Shopper Testing

Humanizing Experiences for Leading Brands

  • World’s 1st interactive virtual shopper research

  • Test packaging, planogram, and store layouts

  • Accurate, bias-free, and scalable research

  • Facial emotion recognition and eye tracking

  • 60 million+ respondents across 120 countries

Emotion AI Driven Shopper Insights


2D/3D Package Testing

Test packaging design variants against competitor packages. Measure on-shelf noticeability and persuasiveness.


Planogram/Shelf Testing

Test and compare the efficiency of shelf design variants. Measure noticeability and persuasiveness of shelf placement.


360° Retail Walkthrough

Test and compare retail experiences of different store layout configurations. Identify high and low engagement zones.


Interactive Retail Testing

Create a virtual retail environment and add interactive features like ‘Add to Cart’ to measure the shopper's purchase intent.

How to Set Up a Shopper Test?


Upload Creatives/Concepts

Upload 2D/3D pack designs, planograms, PoSM, or store walkthroughs.


Create Virtual Shelves

Create and customize virtual planograms, easily drag and drop products.


Define Task/Survey

Define shopping tasks and choose screening/survey questions.


Add Tester Panel

Choose from Entropik’s online panel of 60 million+ testers or integrate your own panel.

Shopper Testing Metrics

Facial Coding Metrics
  • Attention = Visual Appeal (0-100)
  • Engagement = Comprehension (0-100)
  • +ve Emotions = Happiness, Surprise
  • -ve Emotions = Anger, Fear, Sadness, Contempt
Eye Tracking Metrics
  • Time to Discover = Area of Interest (AOI)
  • Earned Attention = Focus Levels on AOI
  • % People Watched = Out of Total Testers
  • Exposure Time Duration = Time Spent on AOI

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