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Entropik Tech’s Affect Lab wins the ‘Vodafone Talent Contest 2018’

  • 07 Jul, 2021

  • 2 min.

Entropik Tech’s Affect Lab wins the ‘Vodafone Talent Contest 2018’
  • Entropik Tech's SAAS platform Affect Lab, wins the'Vodafone Talent Contest 2018' launched to find companies aimed at identifying the emotions that customers feel in their interactions with a brand.
  • More than 200 companies from across the globe were evaluated for the contest held in Madrid
  • Affect Lab to get a preferred place in Vodafone Spain's BEC (Business Experience Center) and Vodafone Lab

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Bengaluru, September 17, 2018:Entropik Tech, a pioneer in the space of Emotion AI, has emerged as the winner of ‘Vodafone Talent Contest 2018’ held in Madrid. Focused on finding companies that can create solutions to measure the emotions a consumer feels while interacting with brands, contest saw more than 200 companies participate from around the world. Entropik tech was selected by a jury composed of directors of the telecom company, experts in quality, and customer experience.
Ranjan Kumar, Founder, and CEO, Entropik Tech said,‘We are thrilled to win the ‘Vodafone Talent Contest 2018′ against some of the world’s best players in the EmotionAI space. Having a global brand such as Vodafone select our product over those of legacy players is a great validation of our product application. Together with Vodafone we are exploring synergies that can help capture emotions at various consumer touchpoints. Expansion in Europe has always been a logical next step for us, and hence, having the opportunity to do so with Vodafone is indeed a great news.’
Speaking on the selection criterion, a Vodafone Spain spokesperson quoted,‘We were looking at candidates with a scientific methodology that allows quantifying both the degree of customer emotional engagement with the brand, and the prevailing emotions at each point of contact, with the ultimate goal of enhancing positive feelings and neutralizing negative ones. In this way, brands will optimize their customers’ experience and improve their value proposition’
Entropik Tech is the only EmotionAI startup in India. It helps brands decode their consumer’s subconscious responses using Emotion Recognition Technologies like Brainwave Mapping, Facial Coding & Eye Tracking.

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