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Entropik Tech named Emotion AI Leader in Gartner’s ‘Competitive Landscape: Emotion AI Technologies, Worldwide’ Report

  • 18 Jan, 2022

  • 2 min.

Entropik Tech named Emotion AI Leader in Gartner’s ‘Competitive Landscape: Emotion AI Technologies, Worldwide’ Report

Entropik Tech, the world's leading Emotion AI company, announced that it has been named a Leader in the Emotion AI category in the recently published Gartner report titled 'Competitive Landscape: Emotion AI Technologies, Worldwide'. Entropik is also the only company to be mentioned under all four capabilities of Emotion AI technologies, including computer vision based facial expression analysis, voice analysis, biometric sensors and NLT-based phonetic analysis. Analyst Annette Zimmermann conducted the research, released in December 2021.

Some of the report's key findings focus on issues like customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and innovations taking place in Emotion AI space.  It includes how providers have pivoted their business to serve new segments or refocused their efforts on new concerns, such as remote employee work, EX and CX.                                                              

The report highlights how Entropik Tech competes with all of its products (Affect Lab, Affect UX, Affect API and Decode) established in emotion sensing, targeting organizations interested in customer analytics or that want to conduct consumer research. Affect Lab is a cloud-based consumer insights solution that leverages eye tracking and facial expression detection with other data points (brain wave mapping) to understand user behavior. 

While the Affect Lab offering addresses user reactions toward adverts, products and brands, Affect UX targets UX designers to receive user feedback. Clients can choose from different technology modules such as eye tracking, facial coding, survey questions and brain signal maps using special wearable devices to collect the data.                                                 

Affect API allows customers to integrate emotion detection into an (existing) mobile app or web page to obtain real-time customer analytics, including emotional data points. The recently beta-launched product, Decode, focuses on conversational insights from audio/video conversations using voice tonality, transcription and NLT.  

According to the report, Entropik's differentiation lies in the company being a remote or online solution first and the fact that it offers a large audience (60 million) across 110 countries to choose from and are able to benchmark their results with (anonymized) results  from over 45,000 data points that have come through the Entropik Tech platform.

Ranjan Kumar, CEO and Cofounder, Entropik Tech, said, "In the last two years, Emotion AI has gone from a good to have to a must-have business competence. Emotion AI is penetrating nearly every industry with advances in technologies like facial coding and eye-tracking technology. We are witnessing businesses prioritize AI technologies that can interpret and build the ability to respond  to human emotions in a better manner. Gartner's report reinforces the same and to be a part of this report is a testament to our vision and capabilities  in the field of Emotion AI technologies."

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