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How Entropik’s Emotion AI platform is helping offline retailers woo shoppers

  • 25 Aug, 2021

  • 2 min.

How Entropik’s Emotion AI platform is helping offline retailers woo shoppers

As shopping behavior changed radically in the last decade, most retailers had to pivot business models to usher in digital transformation. Today, brick-and-mortar stores faced the double whammy of rising e-commerce popularity and pandemic restrictions and needed technology to enhance their in-store experiences. Whether it is modern or traditional stores, retailers wanted to redesign their stores with extremely persuasive shelf designs, store layouts, product packaging, and product arrangements, aligning with the evolving consumer behavior and preferences.

Emotion AI, coming to the rescue, equipped offline retailers with an effective way to transition to the digital side and enrich their in-store experiences. Providing access to a shopper’s subconscious– through actionable shopper insights – Emotion AI makes it easier for retail brands to strike a strong chord with their customer base, boosting customer acquisition and retention.


 “There is a battle between offline vs online retailers and the former are trying to compete and innovate. This is where the Entropik’s latest product offering– interactive shopper insights — comes in. ,” remarked Ranjan Kumar, CEO of Entropik Tech, which perfectly sums up why its Emotion AI platform and deep, data-intensive customer insights are such a game-changer.

Bengaluru-based Entropik wonderfully marries shopping psychology with data science to augment consumer insights for retailers. Discover how Entropik helps brands quantify and interpret emotions, and use engagement and attention metrics for enhancing in-store shopping experiences virtually. Read the full article here.

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