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About Entropik Tech

World’s Leading Emotion AI Platform

Our proprietary multi-modal emotion recognition technologies combined with AI helps brands measure the cognitive and emotional responses of consumers to their content and product experiences.

Proven Benefits to our clients?


Saving in development time


cost-saving avoiding re-works


Increase in CSAT scores


Increase in Online Conversions


Reduction in research TAT


UX Testing solutions we offer

Pre-Live Testing

Avoid re-work by testing the prototype/concept before go-live to measure how it resonates with your users

  • A/B test between UI elements and user journeys
  • Measure UX KPIs with Eye Gaze Heatmap and Emotion Mapping
  • Benchmark test results against that of competitors

Post-Live Testing

Optimize existing user journeys to increase goal completions and conversions

  • Spot friction points that are slowing down the user journey
  • Screen recordings of full user sessions for sec-by-sec analysis
  • Usability insights to finalize user paths that guarantee results

Compare usability among competitors

Test the user journey against the competitors

  • Assess performance against industry benchmarks
  • A/B test user experience for multiple elements
  • Compare performance across a range of demographic audiences

Emotion AI-Tech driven UX Testing
Technologies We Use

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Screen Recording & Click Stream Data

Record complete user sessions using computer vision in real-time for participant observation, eye tracking, and user journey mapping.

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Facial Emotion Recognition & Eye Tracking

Emotion recognition across user journey, measure attention & engagement levels

Hear from our
Customers about Entropik Tech

Learn how we helped them become
the first-movers in their category

Avnish Sabharwal
Tom Patchin
Yogesh Pawaskar
LV Krishnan
Senthil Nathan S

Avnish Sabharwal

Managing Director, Accenture Ventures

We have been strategically collaborating with Entropik Tech on AI-based solutions for over 3 years now. Entropik’s Emotion AI IP has incredible potential to redefine user experiences for digital apps and enhance marketing effectiveness for consumer-facing companies across Banking, Retail, Utilities & other industries. The future looks exciting as we scale our Open Innovation partnership with Entropik.

Tom Patchin

CEO, Fiction Vortex, USA

As a young Edu-tech start-up, understanding likes, dislikes, and content consumption patterns is a complex problem. Dedicating a lot of time to research, testing and analysis is just not an option. Entropik Tech allows us the opportunity to include learnings from the subconscious mapping of our readers with quick testing. We have seen a 35% increase in content consumption after we started optimizing our UX and Content.

Yogesh Pawaskar

Sr. FMCG Brand Manager, Kraft Heinz, Indonesia

It's imperative for marketers to lean towards an intelligent mix of traditional research and technologically advanced solutions like Entropik Tech that can delve into the subconscious and help explain brand messaging impacts better. Entropik Tech’s standard methodologies for Ad testing projects help us to tap into consumer’s emotions and use those insights to create memorable and engaging TVCs.

LV Krishnan

CEO, TAM Media Research, India

Entropik Tech brings a disruptive capability to measure subconscious and emotion response for ads/promos/shows, while TAM takes pride in being one of India’s top Media research firm.
Working together we have been able to leverage Emotion AI to create Performance Benchmarks for Show Promos which is now being used by India’s leading broadcasters to create consumer-centric content.

Senthil Nathan S

General Manager, CavinKare, India

When we wanted to improve the accuracy of audience feedback we approached Entropik Tech. We were delighted to receive actionable insights and metrics based on emotional feedback, which allowed us to predict whether commercials will perform better and bring in a higher conversion rate. We also refined targeting based on different market responses and picked the lead ad for our campaign leading to a successful launch.

Learn how Emotion AI can enhance user experience

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