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Advent of Emotion AI in Consumer Research

  • Manab Boruah

  • 18 Jan, 2022

  • 1 min.

Advent of Emotion AI in Consumer Research

    This short 10 minutes on-demand webinar is part of the GRO event where our CPO and Founder, Lava Kumar was invited to speak on Emotion AI. GRO is a leading market research event in Germany. This on-demand webinar gives an introduction to Emotion AI and how it is revolutionising the way brands can do quantitative and qualitative research.

    1. Why subconscious emotions matter to brands? How brand loyalty fit into it. 
    2. Discussion on  Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, Brainwave Mapping and Voice AI. 


    Lava Kumar, CPO and Founder, Entropik Tech.

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