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Emotion AI to Eliminate Response Bias and Capture True Consumer Feedback

  • Manab Boruah

  • 05 Jul, 2022

  • 1 min.

Emotion AI to Eliminate Response Bias and Capture True Consumer Feedback

    While researchers have been able to control their part of bias with new methods, it is still debatable how to stop bias in capturing responses from the respondent’s ends.

    To overcome bias in responses, scientists have created complex algorithms with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning using computer vision to capture human emotions. The captured human emotions are further quantified for researchers to analyze and gather insights into the stimuli. The base of all being, no matter how much humans try to hide their biases, they cannot hide their emotions towards a stimulus.

    Emotion AI also called Affective Computing is a subset of Artificial Intelligence where machines study and capture non-verbal cues like facial expressions, and voice tonality of a person to detect its emotional state.

    Watch this one-hour webinar to find out how Emotion AI technology is revolutionizing the market research industry.

    1. Learn how market researchers can remove bias with technological advancements in AI and Machine Learning.
    2. How to capture true consumer behavior spanning beyond social desirability, confirmation bias, and cultural biases.
    3. Scale your research at 4x speed with accurate insights. Make better decisions with automated visualizations and real-time dashboards.
    4. Sneak Peek of Entropik Tech’s Quant and Qual Platforms.

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