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Making Behavioural Research Emotion Driven, DIY and 4X Faster

  • Manab Boruah

  • 15 Nov, 2021

  • 1 min.

Making Behavioural Research Emotion Driven, DIY and 4X Faster

With technological advances, behavioural research is not cost and labor-intensive anymore. Computer-vision algorithms have changed the way deep human insights are captured easily and efficiently. Facial Coding and Eye Tracking technologies have witnessed tremendous accuracy and scale by just using webcams and smartphone cameras to capture human behaviour.

However, easy and scalable methods to capture human behavior is just one part of the equation. Logistical dependency, turnaround time and panel availability have always been major hindrances to scale up behavioural research. A self-service Emotion Analytics platform that is powered by Emotion AI technologies like Facial Coding and Eye Tracking is the future of behavioural research.

Emotion Analytics platforms are helping big brands and agencies adopt behavioural research at scale, perform end-to-end research remotely, and derive complex human insights 4X faster than traditional research methods.

Watch this session by Lava Kumar, CPO and Founder of Entropik Tech, as he talks about the future and ROI of behavioural research, and also demonstrates the capabilities of Entropik Tech’s Emotion Analytics platform, Affect Lab.

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