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Emotion AI for Content Testing

  • 11 Apr, 2022

  • 1 min.

Emotion AI for Content Testing

    From retailers to corporate organizations to small and mid-sized companies – everyone today wants a share of the online content pie. Measuring objective data on human emotions throughout digital experiences and creating engaging digital experiences for customers by understanding their subconscious behavior is important for organisations. In today’s digital landscape, understanding your audience and their unsaid preferences at the most granular level is a necessity.

    This white paper identifies the ways in which Emotion AI is demystifying and adding natural, actionable insight into viewers’ responses to all types of content.

    In this Content Testing white paper, you will dive deep into how Emotion AI can:

    • Help content creators to create multimedia content that assists to emotionally connect with their audience
    • Increase brand’s marketing spend ROI, creative efficacy, organic vitality, and brand equity
    • Drive consumer engagement by leveraging emotion insights

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