Emotion AI-powered UX Insights Platform

Understand user frustration and remove unnecessary frictions with Affect UX’s Emotion Analytics. A tool to understand human emotions to make better products.

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Key Features

1. Set a campaign from scratch or choose from existing templates.

2. Panel of 60 Million+ respondents across 120 countries.

3. Test user journeys across prototypes.

4. Pre & Post survey with branching logic.

5. Facial Coding & Eye-tracking Technologies to understand user’s subconscious behaviour.

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How Affect UX Works

4 simple steps to use our UX insights platform

Create Test

Set up a campaign from scratch.

Upload Stimuli

Upload your prototype/URL, define tasks, and add pre and post-surveys.

Gather Responses

Capture subconscious responses from a pool of 60 million + online respondents readily available in the platform. Or use your own network to do the test.

Action on Data

Capture true UX insights to create the best version of your product. Download reports to share with the management and your team.

Use Cases

Prototype Testing

Design Testing

Live Web, App Testing

Case Studies

Humanizing Experiences for Leading Brands

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say!

Avnish SabharwalManaging Director,
Accenture Ventures

We have been strategically collaborating with Entropik Tech on AI-based solutions for over 3 years now. Entropik’s Emotion AI IP has incredible potential to redefine user experiences for digital apps and enhance marketing effectiveness for consumer-facing companies across Banking, Retail, Utilities & other industries. The future looks exciting as we scale our Open Innovation partnership with Entropik.

Yogesh PawaskarSr. FMCG Brand Manager,
Kraft Heinz, Indonesia

It’s imperative for marketers to lean towards an intelligent mix of traditional research and technologically advanced solutions like Entropik Tech that can delve into the subconscious and help explain brand messaging impacts better. Entropik Tech’s standard methodologies for Ad testing projects help us to tap into consumer’s emotions and use those insights to create memorable and engaging TVCs.

Tom PatchinChief Executive Officer,
Fiction Vortex, USA

As a young Edu-tech start-up, understanding likes, dislikes, and content consumption patterns is a complex problem. Dedicating a lot of time to research, testing and analysis is just not an option. Entropik Tech allows us the opportunity to include learnings from the subconscious mapping of our readers with quick testing. We have seen a 35% increase in content consumption after we started optimizing our UX and Content. 

Facial Coding

Facial Coding

We teach computers how to recognize facial expressions and associate them with emotions.



We track eye gaze movements to know where a person is looking at, at what elements and for how long.

Our Technology

Leaders in Emotion AI technology with 17+ global patent claims

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