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Untapped Emotion Insights for Consumer Brands

Insights for Better Media Experiences

  • Test print, TV, and digital ads completely online.

  • Measure consumer reactions on a sec-by-sec basis to get deep insights on creatives, brand/visual elements, media distribution, and target segmentation.

  • Always go to market with ads that resonate with customer emotions and preferences.

Insights for Better In-store Experiences

  • Test product packaging, shelf placement, point-of-sale materials, and the overall retail experience, completely online.

  • Create a virtual in-store setup to visualize the consumer's point of view and analyze how they see and feel about in-store shopper experiences with pinpoint accuracy.

Insights for Better Digital Experiences

  • Test product placement and listings on online marketplaces for deep insights on online consumer behavior.

  • Track path to purchase journeys with screen recorded sessions and visualize buyer POV with Eye Tracking.

  • Identify purchase triggers and barriers to optimize your online presence.

Humanizing Customer Experiences

45,000 +

media, digital and shopper experiences tested

2 nd largest

global emotional benchmark repository

150 +

global brands and agencies as clients

Entropik Tech Advantage

34% Increase in Marketing Spend ROI

Leverage Emotion AI to see accurate consumer reactions to your ads well before the campaign launch. Make necessary changes early on, reduce spends on iterations and invest on better media plans to lift spend ROI, virality and brand equity.

42% Increase in Package Pick-up Rate

By accurately knowing where customers look at and how they feel while shopping in-store, make better decisions on packaging, shelf placement and PoS. Attract and interact with customers via powerful packaging that increases in-store sales.

16% Increase in Online Conversions

Leverage Emotion AI-driven insights to make better decisions on placing and promoting your products on online stores like Amazon. Reduce card abandonments and increase online conversions with well-curated product listings.

Emotion Analytics for the Full Consumer Journey

Product Concept

Take wise decisions on product launches by testing if the new product/concept resonates with consumer emotions and subconcious preferences.


Test packaging designs better and go to market with the packaging that is able to attract consumers, hold their attention and influence a purchase.


Test ads better by measuring and quantifying consumer reactions/emotions. Go to market with ads that stand out, create a buzz and stick with customers.

Retail or Online Sales

Offer great in-store and online buying experiences by standing out from the competition and connecting with consumers' subconscious purchase intent.

Solutions for Consumer Brands

Solutions for Consumer Brands

Shopper Insights

For insights that bridge retail/online sales with increased conversions. For delivering shopper experiences that stand out and convert.

Advertising Insights

For insights that bridge creativity with marketing spend ROI. For creating and distributing ads that consumers will love and spread.

Concept Insights

For insights that bridge product vision with subconscious consumer needs. For delivering product launches that create a buzz and sustain.

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