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Tap into all your Meetings and capture insights on your
Consumers, Employees and Business - all in one place.

Solutions for Every Function

Candidate Conversations

Analyze qualitative interviews

Assess candidates

Team Conversations

Bring all meetings and recordings together

Collaborate better within and across organisations

Customer Conversations

Draw untapped customer insights

Enhance sales and customer satisfaction

One place to see all
your Conversations
from everywhere

AI Technology that
drives Insights

Automatic Speech

Recognize and convert speech to text in real time

Facial Emotion

Measure emotions expressed by facial expressions

AI Technology that
drives Insights

Natural Language

Use sentiment analysis for transcriptions and captions

Advanced Machine

Mine deep human insights from video conversations

All that you can do

Host or Upload Conversations

Host-Record-Share conversations or upload recorded ones

Bring all Conversations Together

Sync conversations from all your meeting platforms with Decode

Transcribe Conversations in Real Time

Get searchable and real-time transcriptions of all conversations

Collaborate and Take Actions

Highlight important conversations, create tags and assign tasks

Get Deep Conversation Insights

Untapped meeting insights, emotional analytics, and MOMs

Change the course of your business
Get in touch.

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How does the integration work?

We collect meetings and recordings from all your meeting platforms through API integration. You can also join upcoming meetings on these platforms through Decode.

How safe is our conversations with you?

Your conversations and associated data are completely safe with us. We take stringent data privacy measures to comply with GDPR. Decode is also ISO SOC2 certified for data security and privacy.

How does one search for specific conversations?

Decode's powerful search can fetch specific conversations without you having to view entire recordings again. You can further add highlights, tags and notes for easy collaboration.

How can we collaborate on Transcriptions?

Once the voice recordings are transcribed, your team members or peers can recap recordings easily, skip to and highlight important conversations, create tags, add notes and assign tasks.

What if it's just an audio call and not video?

Decode is a one-stop platform to store, analyze and act on all your conversations, be it audio or video. We use speech-to-text to provide transcriptions and analyze voice tonality to measure emotions.

How accurate are the transcriptions?

Transcriptions happen in real-time for both live meetings and recorded conversations. Voice is recognized and converted to text in real time with a word accuracy rate of up to 95%.