Leverage your Conversations better

Converse with Decode Live

  • Converse with your customers in real-time using Decode Live

  • Get real-time transcripts during live meetings with speaker identification

  • Identify key moments in the meeting and tag those moments with predefined notes/action items/risks

  • Create surveys, share videos/images and capture user’s enagagement

Collate your Conversations with Decode

  • Integrate all your conversations across platforms with built-in API connectors

  • View all your meetings across all platforms in a single unified dashboard

  • Create Collections and group conversations logically and drive aggregated insights

Collaborate Across Conversations

  • Search across everything in Decode covering Transcripts, Highlights, Tags & Insights

  • Collaborate across conversations by tagging your team in transcripts and highlights

  • Create and Manage tags to group highlights by specific themes

Comprehend with Real-time Analytics

  • Get comprehensive conversation analytics with real user emotion and behavior data

  • View Emotion and Conversation Analytics across highlights, tags, and users in a single dashboard

  • Get aggregate analytics at Tag level to measure the efficacy of a theme across multiple conversations

  • Summarize your conversations by embedding references such as highlights, tags, media, notes etc. as evidence

Decoding your virtual conversations

Lift in ROI

with savings on manual transcription efforts

Higher productivity

by curating a library of all your conversations

Real Consumer Insights

across participant's engagement

Why Decode?

Decode Live

Leverage Decode Live, our proprietary qualitative interview platform, to converse with your customers in real-time, gain real-time transcriptions, create virtual surveys, share video/images and capture emotion insights

20+ platform integrations

Video Conferencing, Contact Centre, VoIP, sales Enablement, CRM and FTP/SFTP Flat file integration support

Emotion AI

Revolutionize how you understand participant behavior with Emotion AI technologies like Single Face and Multi Face Emotion Recognition, Voice Tonality and Sentiment Analysis

Seamless Collaboration

Search across transcripts, create highlights, tag team members, Create and manage tags, create nested conversations

How does Decode work?


Converse with your users/customers seamlessly on Decode Live and get real-time insights on your conversations


Upload / Sync your conversations across various meeting platforms


Analyze your conversations and drive consumable insights


Convert your conversations into searchable data and collaborate seamlessly

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Marketing Experiences

Conduct qualitative interviews and FGD's with consumers, organize design reviews, capture feedback, capture in-depth behavioral intent and share insights.

Product Experiences

Create a single repository of all your User research interviews, engage in product reviews, capture feedback, in-depth user engagement and attention scores.

Sales Coaching

Create a repository of all your sales conversations, keep track of agreements, feedback, and action items across multiple conversations.

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