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Emotion AI for Market Research Firms

Emotion AI for Quantiative Insights

  • Measure implicit human responses to stimuli like ads, packaging, shelf placements, websites and apps.

  • Measure all these responses in real-time and completely online.

  • Also gather stated responses to these stimuli with more than 20 survey question types, pre-defined survey templates and question libraries.

Emotion AI for Qualitative Insights

  • Conduct qualitative interviews completely online or sync recorded sessions from your meeting platforms.

  • Get accurate transcriptions in real-time and collaborate with your team on these transcriptions.

  • Analyze responses with Facial Coding to measure emotions, confidence score and genuineness in real-time.

Emotion AI for Behavioral Insights

  • Be able to use Emotion AI technologies like Facial Coding and Eye Tracking by just using webcams/mobile cameras.

  • Make behavioral research an essential part of your research methodology by leveraging Emotion AI powered platforms.

  • Make behavioral research DIY, agile and scalable for real consumer insights.

Humanizing Consumer Research

45,000 +

media, digital and shopper experiences tested

2nd largest

global emotional benchmark repository

60mn +

online panel spread across 120 countries

Entropik Tech Advantage

4X Reduction in Research TAT

Turnaround your client projects 4X faster and reduce logistical overheads too. By leveraging our webcam based research platforms, you can conduct Qual and Quant studies completely online with more efficiency.

45% Increase in Brand Equity

Help your clients increase their overall brand equity by offering deep consumer insights. Help them craft resonating media, digital and shopper experiences that makes their brand stand out and increase loyalty.

More than 95% Accuracy

Remove inherent bias and measure deep consumer behavior more accurately. Leverage our patented computer vision technologies to achieve more than 95% accuracy levels on Facial Coding and Eye Tracking.

Emotion Analytics for End-to-End Research

Quantitative Research

Make respondents perform tasks, observe stimulus and answer survey questions to craft all-rounded quantitative studies with behavior analytics.

Qualitative Research

Take qualitative interviews online or bring all your recordings under one platform, transcribe them instantly and measure respondent emotions.

Behavioral Research

Make behavioral research an integral part of your consumer research by using our online, accessible and ready-to-use Emotion AI.

Reports and Analytics

Visualize quantified human emotions and subconscious behavior as detailed graphs, charts, dashboards and exhaustive reports with custom branding.

Solutions for Market Research Firms

Solutions for Market Research Firms

Media Insights

For delivering insights that can help craft resonating ads, trailers and TV shows. For sec-by-sec deep insights on audience reactions.

Digital Insights

For delivering insights that can help craft seamless user experiences on websites and apps. For deep insights on online consumer journeys.

Shopper Insights

For delivering insights that can help strategize packaging, retail shelf placements and PoSM. For deep insights on retail shopper journeys.

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