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Untapped Emotion Insights for Media & Entertainment

Script Insights for Better Production

  • Test animatic or narramatic script concepts completely online.

  • Categorize various audience groups by age, gender, city and country; measure how those groups feel about your script.

  • Measure metrics like attention, activation, engagement, and emotional response by analyzing the script second by second.

Emotion Analysis for Better Editing

  • Test and analyze various elements of the produced content for minor tweaks.

  • Get second-by-second, scene-by-scene, and character-by-character insights to know what's working and what's not working.

  • A/B test content variants and compare their creative efficacy against category benchmarks.

Distribution Insights for Better Release

  • Ensure your distribution strategy is on point by analyzing media performance across channels, audience groups and digital platforms.

  • Accurately map content, audience groups and media channels to receive maximum impact upon release.

  • Optimize UX on OTT to offer the best viewing experience.

Humanizing Media Experiences

40,000 +

media experiences tested

2nd largest

global emotional benchmark repository

150 +

brands and agencies as clients

Entropik Tech Advantage

400% Increase in Creative Efficacy

Leverage the emotion, attention and engagement insights we provide to optimize your creative content. Establish strong emotional connect with your audience and increase their engagement levels by delivering content that resonates with them.

34% Lift in Marketing Spend ROI

Test your promos, trailers, teasers and other promotional content second-by-second to identify high and low points of emotional engagement. A/B test promo versions to identify the best one to release for maximum audience engagement.

3X Increase in Organic Virality

Identify what's working and not working before you release your content. Identify scene level, character level and script level elements that are standing out. Tweak content accordingly to deliver binge-worthy content that will go viral.

Emotion Analytics for the Full Content Creation and Distribution Cycle

Script Development

Evaluate the idea, concept, script or storyboard of your trailer, pilot episode or movie before production begins. Know what to omit, retain and improvise.


Evaluate the produced content second by second to identify high and low points of engagement. Leverage emotion insights to create perfect final cuts.

Media Promotions

Evaluate different versions of ads, trailers and teasers to select the most impactful ones for release. Compare against genre benchmarks for more insights.

Media Distribution

Evaluate media planning and target segmentation by comparing your release-ready content against TGs of different ages, gender, city and country.

Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Content Insights

For insights that bridge your creativity with audience emotions. For delivering trailers, TV shows, and movies that people will love.

Advertising Insights

For insights that bridge your creativity with marketing spend ROI. For delivering and distributing promos that make a big impact.

Concept Insights

For insights that bridge your creativity with audience expectations. For delivering a strong script or concept to ease production.

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