Online Shopper Insights

Supercharge Online Sales with Emotion AI

There is perhaps no space as competitive as online shopping. Deploy our Emotion AI-driven shopper testing solutions to get inside the minds of your customers and boost online sales.

On an average, your customers have 12 choices for the same product. And they make 95% of their purchase decisions subconsciously. We help you understand their likes and dislikes.

How Emotion AI
Boosts Online Sales

  • Testing path to purchase to measure overall CSAT

  • Testing product info/placement to lift noticeability

  • Testing ad/banner efficiency to lift ad conversions

  • Analysis of product listings to increase online sales

Deliver Online Experiences that Convert


Reduction in Research TAT


decrease in Drop-off Rates


savings in Customer Acquisition Cost

Entropik’s Affect Lab for Online Shopper Testing

Humanizing Experiences for Leading Brands

  • Online shopper testing for websites and mobile apps

  • Eye tracking and facial emotion recognition

  • Test path-to-purchase and product/ad placements

  • Accurate, bias-free, and scalable research

  • 60 million+ respondents across 120 countries

Emotion Driven Online Shopper Insights


Path to Purchase Insights

Screen record online buyer journeys for path to purchase insights. Understand UI/UX interactions to identify purchase triggers.


Product Placement

Test the efficacy of product placement by defining tasks and measuring time taken to notice and engage with the product.


Ad/Banner Efficiency

Test the efficacy of ad/banner placement and engagement by defining tasks. Measure time taken to notice and engage.


Product Listing Analysis

Analyze the persuasiveness of product listing by measuring the noticeability, attention and engagement.

How to Set Up an Online Shopper Test?


Upload URL

Upload the link of your live website, app or prototype.


Define Task/Survey

Define online shopping tasks and choose survey questions.


Add Tester Panel

Choose from Entropik’s online panel of 60 million+ respondents or integrate your own panel.

Online Shopper Testing Metrics

Facial Coding Metrics
  • Attention = Visual Appeal (0-100)
  • Engagement = Comprehension (0-100)
  • +ve Emotions = Happiness, Surprise
  • -ve Emotions = Anger, Fear, Sadness, Contempt
Eye Tracking Metrics
  • Time to Discover = Area of Interest (AOI)
  • Earned Attention = Focus Levels on AOI
  • % People Watched = Out of Total Testers
  • Exposure Time Duration = Time Spent on AOI

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