Pre-live UX Testing

Develop Emotion Driven UX with Emotion AI

Test design concepts, wireframes and prototypes prior to development. Measure how users feel about your prototypes and recreate what exactly they look at with Facial Coding and Eye Tracking.

Developers spend 50% of their time fixing issues that could have been avoided with pre-live testing. Get deep user insights to develop superlative UX in less time.

How Emotion AI Helps
in Pre-live UX Testing

  • Measuring user emotions and subconscious preferences as feedback

  • Leveraging webcams and mobile cams to capture deep user behavior

  • Empathy driven UX research from concept design till prototype testing

  • Fully online methods of emotion capture with the highest accuracy

Develop Engaging Websites and Apps


Reduction in Research TAT


Savings in Development Time


Increase in CSAT Score

Entropik Tech's Affect UX for Pre-live UX Testing

Trusted by leading corporates and groups

  • Test UX design concepts, wireframes and prototypes

  • Computer vision based UX testing with screen recording

  • Accurate, bias free and scalable pre-launch user testing

  • Facial emotion recognition and eye tracking

  • 60 million+ respondents across 120 countries

Emotion Driven Pre-live UX Testing



Test UX workflows, navigation, placement of design and content to test if the wireframe enables a seamless UX.


Visual Elements

Test visual elements like colors, styles, fonts and UI assets to check if the UI aligns with user preferences.



Test prototypes, clickable or static, by sharing Figma links or uploading screenshots to gather user feedback.


User Journeys

Define user tasks, both aided and unaided, to identify friction points and analyze user emotions throughout.

How to Set Up a Pre-live UX Test?


Upload Stimulus

Upload images or public URLs of the concept, wireframe or prototype.


Define Survey

Choose questions for screening, pre-survey and post-survey.


Add Tester Panel

Choose from our panel of 60mn+ respondents or integrate your own panel.

Pre-live User Testing Metrics

Facial Coding Metrics
  • Attention > Visual Appeal (0-100)
  • Engagement > Comprehension (0-100)
  • +ve Emotions > Happiness, Surprise
  • -ve Emotions > Anger, Fear, Sadness, Contempt
Eye Tracking Metrics
  • Time to Discover > Area of Interest (AOI)
  • Earned Attention > Focus Levels on AOI
  • % People Watched > Out of Total Testers
  • Exposure Time Duration > Time Spent on AOI

Pre-live UX Testing Framework

Wireframe Testing

Gathering initial user feedback on wireframes that define how the website/app user experience flows.

mobile view image

Design Validation

Understanding user perception towards visual elements that propose the look and feel of the website/app.

mobile view image

Prototype Testing

Observing where users look, for how long and the emotions they go through while navigating through the prototype.

mobile view image

Usability Testing

Asking the testers to perform certain tasks, screen recording these sessions and understanding user behavior.

mobile view image

Prototype A/B Testing

Comparing prototypes and choosing the best one for development to reduce iterations and turnaround time.

mobile view image

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